Launch into a NewEpoch

Please be advised that this site is under construction and that the final version will be launched on 1 June 2016.


Who we are?

We are the new created company, which move the current world into the New Epoch of Big Data, Mobility,
Social Media, Cloud Computing and Innovative E-commerce.

We launch the solutions of foreign start-ups into the fastest growing EU country.


Expertise area?

By laveraging our knowledge, experience and ability to carrying off projects your firm can be presented in Poland.
We are operating on the fallowing markets:

  • E-commerce,
  • Financial,
  • Insurence,
  • Telecomunication,
  • Retail.



We are IT based company specialized in Big Data & Data Analysis.
With our personal experiences and multi-pronged approach we can bring off any kind of IT related venture.



We are able to provide the different range of services from Business Development, Consulting, Designing, Data Analysis,
Project Management, through Dedicated Sales Activity to compehensive execution of whole Venture.


If you are interested in additional stream of revenue from Polish market, we are open on the different ways of co-operations from partnership, franchise to joint venture.

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